Is the canopy solid? YES                                                                          

What is the door frame made of? An exclusive aluminium extrusion designed by Uteboss         

What size is the main frame work?  50x50mm 3mm 

What stops the front and rear panels from vibrating? We fit frame support braces to the front and rear panels                                                What welding process do you use? All our welding is a professional TIG finish                                             

How are the panels attached? All the panels bonded to the frame to stop vibration and cracking

What locks do you use? We fit asy to use, top quality compression locks with 3 point locking system

What type of gas struts do you use? Our gas struts are stainless steel to prevent rust

What type of hinges do you use? Our hinges are stainless steel for strength and to prevent rust    

Is the floor braced with framework? YES

How do you seal the doors? We use 2 quality rubber balloon seals: one on the door and one on the main frame

Can the doors be left open in the rain without leaking? YES with our standard gutter seal

Are the panels flat and ripple free? YES because we bond the panels, we don't weld them  


Which is the strongest: fiberglass or aluminium construction? 

Aluminium is definitely the strongest. It will not burn, it is not affected by UV sunlight, and will not tear or fracture

Why do you only have one lock?

Our doors are so strong they do not bend or twist. Because of this we only need one lock per door, not two. This makes opening, closing and locking the doors much easier and much quicker


Is a floor included in the price for complete water / dust proofing? YES it is structurally part of the canopy 

Is GST included? YES                                                                                 

Is fitting included? YES Having your vehicle ready ensures quicker  fitting. If we have to remove items before fitting it only ads to the cost and time taken

Is the final price going to be different than your quote? NO unless you change the design, however we will advice you of the price of any changes before they are confirmed

How long is your quote valid? Our quotes are valid for 30 days 


Can I have my own dimensions? YES  length and width are variable, height is set at 900, 1000 or 1100mm

Will the canopy fit my vehicle? YES our canopies fit any vehicle brand

How long can my canopy be? In QLD, the canopy can be up to 60% of the wheel base

Can you custom design a set up for my canopy? YES we understand everyone has their own needs so we work with our customers to design the best fit out for them


What does the Uteboss warranty cover? 5 years on workmanship 

Is there any fine print?  Please read our terms and condition below

Will the warranty be honoured? Definitely, as per our T&Cs

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can e-mail any photos if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please read our terms and conditions here

Wide doors plenty of space

What should I look for when buying a ute canopy? Here are some tips.

Here are some tips that might help.

Ute canopy buying tips.

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