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Advertising jargon

We all know adverts can be funny, irritating and downright annoying.

You really have to be carefull when watching or reading information in ads.

Especially when your not up to speed with all the jargon and technical stuff.

Anyone can say whatever they like, but is it correct?

Glueing or using adhesive to bond anything is great as long as the right adhesive

is used and the prep it right. The same goes for bolts, screws or rivets, they are all designed for a particular purpose, use the wrong one and disaster. The same with welding, use the wrong welding process or rod or gas and things go horribly wrong.

Even if all of the above are correct it comes down to basic engineering principles.

If the basic engineering is incorrect it won't matter what you use, the structure will be unstable.

There two basic principles in engineering "in tension" or being stretched such as a power line between two poles and "in compression" being compressed such as a power pole being pushed into the ground by the weight of the line.

In welding the best weld in the world won't survive if its being stressed continually by movement and stress..

On the other hand an ok weld will be fine if the structure is solid and in compression.

This is where things get really seriously complicated, there are so many variables.

To get back to advertising, it dosen't really matter what a manufacturer says in their advertising,

that includes us, what matters is "is it done correctly".

If your unsure give the manufacture a call and ask them. That includes us, were happy to explain and show how we build our canopies.

in the very near future we will be updating our canopy design and manufacturing process.

This will give our canopies a much more modern design with a curved side design with no sharp folds. This design gives a smooth modern look that compliments your vehicles curved dimensions. plus a new floor design giving extra strength particularly with lift off canopies.

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